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Wedding Cocktails just like we love them

Sure, you already ordered your wines, champagne and soft drinks, but your drink menu won't be complete without our cocktails served from our customized mobile bar that your guests can admire and enjoy.  Add a personal touch to your bar menu by choosing your cocktails for your menu. Pick a drink that stars your favorite liquor, matches your color scheme, or just sounds delicious. Here are a few of all time favorites to choose from...enjoy Our Own Nigerian Chapman

So far the most ordered drink at events, making chapman an inevitable cocktail on your cocktail menu.  Its made from a mix of Grenadine, bitters, orange soda, fizzy drink, lemon, ice cubes & our own secert ingredient that makes mandies chapman exceptionally tasty*wink*. Strawberry Ice
The strawberry ice is a great choice for weddings or any event at all. This features a mixture strawberry puree, lime, lemon and ice. Who doesn’t love that strawberry thangy taste - absolutely tasty. Blue Margarita
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We love weddings - Ebby's wedding

Whoops...tres excited at our first post, we love weddings and we have been so busy doing what we know how to do best...mixing our exceptional tasty cocktails and adding class to weddings. 

Meeting with Mrs Ebere Alams- CEO la cuisine fantastique, was very exciting-from her lovely smile to her humbling attitude, we 'clicked' from day one.Preparing for her wedding was with ease, being a cocktail specialist herself, she had an idea of the signature cocktails she wanted served at her wedding

The wedding was @ balmoral event hall Ikeja and every thing was so on point from the very detailed venue decoration to the lovely and fun loving guests.  We had so much fun mixing cocktails at her wedding and we sure wowed her guests with our presentation and cocktails.

Thank you Mrs Ebere Alams for making us your preferred choice.

The pictures...please enjoy and don’t forget to call us (080 3919 1958 ) to thrill your guests with our exceptional tasty cocktail.

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