Wedding Cocktails just like we love them

Sure, you already ordered your wines, champagne and soft drinks, but your drink menu won't be complete without our cocktails served from our customized mobile bar that your guests can admire and enjoy.  Add a personal touch to your bar menu by choosing your cocktails for your menu. Pick a drink that stars your favorite liquor, matches your color scheme, or just sounds delicious. Here are a few of all time favorites to choose from...enjoy

Our Own Nigerian Chapman

So far the most ordered drink at events, making chapman an inevitable cocktail on your cocktail menu.  Its made from a mix of Grenadine, bitters, orange soda, fizzy drink, lemon, ice cubes & our own secert ingredient that makes mandies chapman exceptionally tasty*wink*.

Strawberry Ice

The strawberry ice is a great choice for weddings or any event at all. This features a mixture strawberry puree, lime, lemon and ice. Who doesn’t love that strawberry thangy taste - absolutely tasty.

Blue Margarita

Add some colourful cocktails to spice up your event

Pina Colada

Tropically refreshing, pina colada has come to stay as a must have cocktail on wedding cocktail menu. Some brides do have reservations though, often due to a badly done pina colada tasted.  However, people that have tasted Mandies pina colada always ask for more.  Simply delicious taste of coconut and pineapple (add vodka for an alcoholic drink)
Catch ya..later :)


  1. Mandies cocktail doing a very great job. nice.

  2. Lovely colorful wedding cocktails are quite attractive. My brother has planned a bachelor’s party for his friend at one of centrally located New York wedding venues last month. He ordered wines and drinks online at discounted prices.


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